We are full time avaliable, call us for a appointment. In Spain, the private detective profession is regulated (governed) by the Law 23/1992 30th of July and its proper development: R.D. 2364/1994 and O.M. Justice and Interior 7-7-1996.

El detective privado en España

One might describe that the law clearly provides the Private Detectives functions or duties:

Article 19.Section 1:Private Detectives, on request of natural person or legal entity, will take charge of:

a) Getting and contributing information and evidence about behaviour or private acts.

b) Investigating liable offences to private prosecution, on request of legitimized individuals on the trial.

c) Watching at fairs, hotels, superstores, exhibitions or similar areas.

R.D.2364/1994, in the Article 101.2, expresses: ” It is considered personal behaviour or private acts those related to the economic, working, trading, financial areas; and generally those aspects affecting personal, familiar or social life, except for the way of life developed in residences or reserved places”.

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