Investigating Family Law Matters

Investigating Family Law Matters

Investigating a family matter is sensitive and emotional, that’s why our clients choose ABADIA PRIVATE DETECTIVESto conduct investigations on their behalf. We have been successful many times in assisting our clients to gather supporting evidence to include in their family litigation matters.

Below are just some situations where our private investigators can assist you.

  • Infidelity
  • Premarital Checks
  • Child Custody Disputes
  • Child Maintenance Disputes
  • Child Care/Monitoring
  • Drugs, Alcohol or Gambling Addictions


  • Do you suspect a cheating spouse or partner?
  • Are you married or in a relationship and you feel something is wrong?
  • Generally for most people their gut instincts are often accurate but to what extent?
  • Is your spouse or partner showing signs of change or have been neglecting you in some way?

We are specialist in that issues, call us for a meeting and talk about it.

Premarital Checks

Are you planning on marrying someone but have problems with trust?

Are you concerned that a loved one is marrying the wrong person?

Abadia Detectives private investigators will allow you to obtain all the evidence you need without ever having to put yourself at risk of being caught and ultimately being the bad guy, or girl. Our investigators are able to gather evidence of foul play so that you can protect yourself or a loved one from heading down the path of heartache.

We have also often been able to dismiss our clients fears and provide them with positive information to put their mind at rest. If you have problems with trust, instead of pointing the finger and questioning your partner why not hire our private investigators to handle your case. This will avoid you possibly damaging a relationship with false accusations.

Based on the evidence we find you can then choose how you want to handle the situation.

Investigation of Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes can be an extremely stressful time for the parents and especially the children. Often mediation will take place if the parents have not been able to come to an agreement and if failing that a court case will be conducted to determine what is best for the child.

Many of our clients have called us for assistance with their child custody dispute as they believe their X partner is not fit to look after the child. Our private investigators are equipped and skilled in obtaining the evidence they need to support their claims that their X partner is not suitable to support the child.

Investigation of Child Maintenance Disputes

Many of our clients have called us because their X partner is not paying for child support. The X partner often claims that they are not earning an income or are not truthful in declaring the actual amount that they are earning, so as to reduce the amount that they have to pay. ABADIA PRIVATE DETECTIVES have conducted many cases such as this and have been able to prove with video and photographic evidence along with background searches that the person in question is working and to what degree. This evidence then allows our client to proceed with litigation to assist in obtaining the child maintenance that they and their child are entitled to.

Investigation of Child Care Monitoring

When it comes to your child’s well being, nothing else is more important!

Often we have cases where our client has part custody of their child and they are concerned that the child’s other parent is not caring for their child as they should be. Some of our clients say that the child tells them that they do not want to see the other parent for some reason but because the other parent has legal access to the child it is very difficult to fight the matter unless it can be proved that the other parent is incompetent. In some cases we have found that the other parent is abusive toward the child which is a very serious matter and often unless there is sufficient evidence to prove your case nothing is done about it.

Our private investigators are able to conduct covert surveillance on the parent or carer in question and monitor their behaviour whilst caring for the child. We are then able to provide  you with video and photographic evidence which is time and date stamped showing the interaction between the child and the carer.

Investigation of Addictions

Families that are living with someone who has an addiction, whether it be drug, alcohol or gambling related often find that one or more members of the family will be traumatised by this experience causing emotional and psychological problems. This is especially significant if that person happens to be a child.

Recents researches conducted suggest that alcohol abuse is an important risk factor for child abuse, maltreatment and neglect. It also suggests that excessive consumption is associated with poor parenting. These problem have a knock on affect for the child who can then adopt all sorts of emotional and psychological issues later in life.

Gambling addiction not only affects the person gambling but also impacts on their partner and children. Gambling can also lead to theft, lying, violence and more destructive behaviours which can ultimately break down a marriage and family life.

Using a private investigator will help you in gathering the evidence you need to prove your case as often an addict will deny that they have a problem.

Whether you require the evidence to support  your case in court or assist you in getting help for a loved one, we can help you get the information you need.

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